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Advocate for Children

Advocate for Children

Educate the Public

Educate the Public

Strengthen Families

Strengthen Families

Circle of Parents

Educate the Public Strengthen Families

Circle of Parents is a network of parent-led, self-help groups, where parents and caregivers share ideas, successes, and address the challenges surrounding parenting. Groups can be open to the general community or tailored to parents who share interests or circumstances.

Healthy Families

Educate the Public Strengthen Families

Healthy Families Mountain State, part of the Healthy Families America network, is an accredited in-home family education program offered free of charge to families of all types in Cabell, Lincoln, Logan, Mason and Wayne counties in West Virginia.

Our Babies Safe & Sound

Educate the Public

Our Babies: Safe and Sound is an educational campaign that provides parents and other caregivers of infants under the age of one, as well as expectant parents and professionals, with information and tips on ways to keep babies safe while sleeping and how to keep your cool when babies cry.

Partners in Prevention

Educate the Public Strengthen Families

Partners in Prevention is a unique model of communities working together to strengthen families and help West Virginia’s children grow up free from abuse and neglect. The model is based on the belief that child well-being hinges on the capacity of local communities to support families and protect children.

Western Regional CASA

Educate the Public Advocate for Children

Western Regional CASA works to create a quality volunteer advocacy network with a goal of engaging and empowering enough volunteers to give a voice to every abused and neglected child in the court system for the West Virginia market area we serve.

WV Infant Toddler Mental Health Association

Educate the Public Strengthen Families

The West Virginia Infant/Toddler Mental Health Association is committed to building the capacity of professional development to support and meet the needs of all children and families.

Find Help!

Connect families to available resources in your community.

This resource, powered by (previously Aunt Bertha), is a nationwide online directory to help individuals connect with resources and services in their community. Through a zip code search, the site provides information on local food or housing programs, health and care services, financial help, education and work programs, and legal services.

The information about providers and services included in this resource directory does not constitute an endorsement on the part of Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia. Always seek the advice of qualified professionals regarding your physical and mental health as well as legal questions or concerns you may have.

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High Rocks Farmers Market

The TEAM for West Virginia Children was pleased to again partner with Mountain Health Network for the 2022 Service to Children Award.  This year we honored the healthcare workers who cared for hospitalized children with COVID during the past couple of years. Children with COVID from our region were housed at Hoops Family Children’s Hospital.  For more information about our Service to Children Award, you may click here.  To watch the recording of this year’s event, please click here.

No Need To Wait

We need your donations now.  This has truly been an unprecedented time with some real challenges for both the TEAM and the people we serve.  We have been able to continue our work during the pandemic, but our fundraising has taken a hard hit.  Most of our programs are grant-funded, but there are holes in our budget.  Please consider donating today.

For those of you just learning about the TEAM, please take a minute to view this very short video.

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Recent News

WV Legislative Update

For Immediate Release: July 27, 2022 Contact: Jim McKay Phone: 304-617-0099 Email: Legislative Update: Lawmakers should invest in proven strategies that prevent maltreatment and sexual abuse of children - not enact laws that cause harm to survivors. Earlier this week, Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia issued a strong statement in opposition to HB302 following action by the House Judiciary Committee and by the House Health Committee to reject amendments that would provide exceptions to the criminalization [...]

PCA-WV issues statement: “Forcing raped children to give birth is state sanctioned child abuse.”

For Immediate Release: July 26, 2022 Contact: Jim McKay Phone: 304-617-0099 Email: Statement from Team For West Virginia Children / Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia Forcing raped children to give birth is state sanctioned child abuse. WV House Health Committee and House Judiciary Members have both REJECTED amendments to make exceptions to the criminalization of abortion in the case of incest or rape. This action to force raped children to give birth is state sanctioned child [...]

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