Service to Children Award and Celebration

The Service to Children Award is presented yearly to a person or persons who exemplify TEAM’s belief that we all play a role in creating happy childhoods for children.  From its inception in 2007, the recipients of the award have been varied and interesting folks.

From 2018-2023, we have partnered with the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital at Cabell Huntington Hospital to present the award.

The TEAM for West Virginia Children is a non-profit organization whose mission is to work with communities and families to promote and advance the well-being of children, making their needs and healthy development a priority.  We deliver our mission by operating and partnering with an integrated network of programs that advocate for children, prevent child abuse and neglect, strengthen family relationships, and educate and build family-friendly communities.

The TEAM envisions West Virginia as a state where all children can grow and thrive in safe, stable, nurturing relationships, free from abuse and neglect, so they will achieve their maximum potential as adults.

The people chosen to receive our annual Service to Children Award have in their own way advanced our mission and share our vision.  For more information about the award, please contact Connie Kinsey at (304) 523-9587 ext. 316.

Hoops Family Children's Hospital at Cabell Huntington Hospital


Drs. Joseph Werthammer and Gilbert Ratcliff

These two doctors were the first recipients of our Service to Children Award.  Please go here to learn more about why we chose them.


First Lady Gayle C. Manchin

The TEAM for West Virginia Children appreciates the work of West Virginia’s First Lady Gayle C. Manchin.  See how her outstanding personal and professional commitment to the children and families of West Virginia won her our 2008 Service to Children Award.


Troy Brown

“I’m trying to give kids hope.  It’s all about the kids,” he says.  “I want to see them have a chance to succeed, and not just through sports programs.”  Click here to see why the TEAM for West Virginia Children honored Troy Brown with their 2009 Service to Children Award.


Ruth C. Sullivan Ph.D.

Dr. Sullivan has worked tireless for folks with autism for many years.  During the course of such, she has improved the lives of children everywhere.  Her achievements that garnered her the 2010 Service to Children Aware are presented here.


Janet Bromley

Through her longstanding commitment to local organizations such as the Huntington Symphony Orchestra, the Huntington Museum of Art, and the Woman’s Club of Huntington, Mrs. Bromley has had a positive impact on the lives of countless West Virginia children.  Please click here to see her 2011 Service to Children Award Tribute Video.


Coach David Glick

David Glick coached many, many children during his career leaving a lasting impact on their lives.  We are pleased to honor his work with our 2012 Service to Children Award.  His tribute video is here.


Chad Pennington

Chad is not just an excellent athlete, his commitment to education and philanthropy makes him a role model we can all look up to. He understands that children need more than just role models; they need strong communities that supply children with an infrastructure to thrive.  Click here to learn more about Chad and why we chose him for the 2013 Award.


Judge David Pancake

The TEAM for West Virginia Children presented Judge David Pancake with the Service to Children Award during a retirement roast on May 8, 2014.  This award is to recognize Judge Pancake’s dedication in working to create safe and healthy communities for West Virginia Children.  Click here for more information.


First Lady Joanne Jaeger Tomblin

The First Lady has placed an emphasis on supporting quality educational opportunities for all West Virginians. She also supports developing leadership across the state. She was instrumental in supporting safe sleep for infants and helped to spread the message regarding infant safe sleep practices. She also encourages volunteerism, collaboration, tourism and the arts.  Click here!


Martha Woodward and the Huntington Junior League

Martha Woodward and the Junior League of Huntington were instrumental in the formation of the organization that eventually became the TEAM for West Virginia Children.  Click here to learn more.


David Graley

TEAM for West Virginia Children is pleased to honor David Graley with the 2017 Service to Children Award.  Information about David’s accomplishments can be read here.


Margaret “Peggy” Phipps Brown and Eduardo Pino, M.D.

Both recipients have long time connections to the TEAM and have spent their careers helping our children.  Click here to read more about why they were chosen for this award.


The A. Michael and Henriella
Perry Family

Through the family’s dedication and vision, thousands of children and families have learned about and experienced Appalachian culture.  Please click here to learn more about the Perry Family and the Service to Children Award Celebration.


Bill and Vickie Smith

The TEAM for West Virginia Children virtually hosted the 14th Service to Children celebration on Thursday, April 29th, Bill and Vickie Smith were presented the TEAM’s Service to Children award. The Smiths have worked for decades to improve the lives of our children.  Click here to learn more and to watch the tribute video.


COVID Superhealers

The 15th Service to Children Award Celebration was held virtually on May 24th.  The TEAM honored the healthcare workers at Hoops Family Children’s Hospital who cared for children in our area with COVID.  Accepting on behalf of this large group was:  Susan L Flesher, M.D., Mariana Lanata, MD, FAAP, and Michele McMaster, BSN, RN.


Marilyn Murdock

In partnership with Hoops Family Children’s Hospital, the 2023 Service to Children Award celebration honored Marilyn Murdock. 

Marilyn Murdock taught school for over 20 years in Cabell and has collaborated with TEAM for WV Children, Cabell Family Resource Network, and United Way of the River Cities to establish the Brain Under Construction Zone, emphasizing the importance of talking, reading and singing to infants to enhance the wiring of their brain.

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