Help Save the Child Tax Credit

A grassroots campaign to save the Child Tax Credit has started in West Virginia because life without the CTC is #unbearable

The expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) helped families afford groceries, utility bills, school supplies—even things like tutoring, dance classes, visits to grandparents—and everything that makes childhood special.

West Virginia Mama Bears are taking action to make sure that kids get what they need. Show that you stand with WV Mama Bears by changing your social media profile photo to a teddy bear.

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The Child Tax Credit (CTC)

Families across West Virginia have protected their economic security during the pandemic through the Child Tax Credit (CTC), which is expiring after December 15th, 2021. Congress is considering extending the program so families can continue to make ends meet. Many families use the CTC to buy groceries, pay for kids’ medications not covered by health insurance, and afford their energy bills in the winter.

Cris Gank and his family who live in Terra Alta used their Child Tax Credit on truckloads of firewood to help keep utilities costs down through the cold winter months. Read the Gank family’s story.

Many retired grandparents are raising grandkids in our state, like the Joneses who live in Charleston, WV. “It takes everything out of us just to make sure these children are fed and taken care of and clothed,” saidRuth, 61. “We’ve been taking care of the children on our own dime.” Read the Jones family’s story.

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Paid Leave

The proposed four weeks of federally guaranteed paid leave for all workers would help West Virginians take the time they need to plan a family, recover from substance use disorder, heal during a medical crisis, or care for a loved one who depends on them. No one works harder than a Mountaineer and paid leave is an earned benefit, designed to help our state’s hard workers when they’re dealing with profound life-changing circumstances.

This policy also helps small businesses offset the cost of offering paid leave to their employees, enabling West Virginia’s small businesses to be more competitive employers in the marketplace.

JoAnna Vance believes that a paid leave policy would have allowed her family to have more stability and financial security while her husband sought recovery. Instead of being able to return to his job at a coal mine, he was forced to quit in order to participate in a two-week recovery program. “Paid leave keeps people working. It’s not just a handout,” she said. Read JoAnna’s story.

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Reduced Child Care Costs

In West Virginia, child care can cost more than college tuition. Child care is often unaffordable for working families and makes it difficult for families raising children to make ends meet and keep a job. Congress is considering policies that will help reduce child care costs substantially. Use this co-pay cost calculator to compare how much you currently pay for child care annually and how much you would pay should these policies pass into law. Use the child care co-pay calculator.

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