Wear Blue in April for Child Abuse Prevention Month

Every year, April—National Child Abuse Prevention Month—is dedicated to recognizing the importance of working together to prevent child abuse and strengthen families.

Throughout the month, Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia focuses on raising awareness about the need for safe, stable, nurturing environments that help children thrive. It’s crucial that communities work together to build positive futures for our children, because prevention cannot and does not happen alone.

Challenging life circumstances commonly overload and overburden parents and caregivers, making it difficult for them to provide the necessary care for their children. This is often especially true for families facing poverty, substance abuse, mental health issues, and other stressors. In the midst of struggle, it’s easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed, leading to increased risk of child abuse and neglect. However, by working together to share resources, educate parents, and offer support, Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia is helping establish strong foundations for our children and ensuring that they (and their families) have the tools and support they need to thrive.
During Child Abuse Prevention Month, we have an opportunity to celebrate positive childhood experiences and highlight what we can all do to help create safe, stable, nurturing environments for kids in our communities. Each day, we have the chance to build a brighter future for West Virginia children.

We invite you to follow our Facebook Page to stay involved throughout the month of April and beyond. Please join us wherever you may be for Wear Blue Days (Friday, March 31, Monday, April 3, and Friday, April 7, 2023) to kick off Child Abuse Prevention Month. If possible, post a picture on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #WearBlueDay2023, #CAPMonth, and #BuildingTogether so we can share them with others!

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