Build Back Better Child Care Copayment Calculator

Congress Is Considering Policies To Reduce The Cost of Child Care

Use this Child Care Copayment Calculator to compare your current child care costs to what you would pay annually if the policy passes:

  1. Select the state you live in.
  2. Type in estimated annual family income.
  3. Select how many people are in your family.
  4. Find out how much you would pay out-of-pocket annually for child care. If this number is $0, then your costs are fully covered.
Support Reduced Child Care Costs

The policies congress is considering expand child care subsidy benefits to families making 250% or less of their state’s median income.

Should the policies pass, the federal government would implement a copayment system similar to that utilized by health insurance companies to help underwrite child care costs, with out-of-pocket copayments from families ranging from zero to seven percent of annual family income. Eligibility for this expanded benefit will phase in over a period of four years, beginning with families making at or below 100% their state’s median income.

To assist policymakers, child care providers, families, and other interested stakeholders in estimating their out-of-pocket costs under this proposed system, The Hunt Institute has developed this online cost calculator.

Using recent census bureau estimates of state median income and the copayment percentages in the current draft of the Act the calculator will provide an estimated copayment range. It will also display the year in which you are likely to become eligible to begin receiving benefits under the current proposal.