Relationships Matter, Now More Than Ever

What an unsettling time we are learning to navigate! During this time, the power of human connection will be evident, and needed now more than ever. We talk frequently about the importance of relationships, knowing that these relationships nurture and build us up. Relationships matter! It will be a challenge to maintain our relationships as we move to technology-based platforms; however, we know the needs will be the same. We can support our children and families by listening and validating concerns, being a partner in talking through challenges, connecting families to resources, and talking about behaviors their child may be exhibiting during this time. Your connection will make a difference!

All of this may feel overwhelming! Please remember to practice good self-care during this time. In order to be able to do our best for others, we must do the best in taking care of ourselves. Give yourself permission to disconnect and refuel each day.

Below are a collection of resources that you may find helpful. We’ll be sure to share new resources as we find them.

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Supporting WV Home Visitors infographic

Supporting WV Home Visitors handout

Supporting the WV Home Visitation Supervisor During COVID-19

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Addressing the Risk of COVID-19 in Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Schools While Serving Children with Disabilities

“The Brain Architects COVID-19 Special Edition: A Different World”

Hope, Engagement, and COVID-19

Managing Fears and Anxieties Around the Coronavirus

The MIRACLE Project: Easing Anxiety During Challenging Times

Infographic: What is COVID-19? And How Does it Relate to Child Development?

Partnering with Families to Improve Economic Stability During and After COVID-19

Neurosequential Network COVID-19 Stress, Distress, and Trauma Series

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