Managing the Impact on Care Providers and Professionals When Working with Children and Families Exposed to Traumatic Events
May 18, 2018

This session will address the impact on care providers and professionals of working with children and families who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. In the course of helping persons who are trauma exposed, and in listening to their stories, providers can be impacted by the power of these stories; these stories can also remind us of events in our own lives. It becomes critical for providers to set aside these impacts when working with children and families, but to ensure that we later recognize and address our own responses to trauma. This has been called secondary traumatization, but it can also be the reawakening of our own trauma histories. The session will cover: (a) the range of impacts, both positive and negative, on our professional and personal lives, (b) how to keep that impact from entering into the therapeutic relationship with clients, and (c) how to engage in self-care and seek assistance for ourselves.

Presenter: Joseph R. Scotti, PhD, WHOLE Families/WHOLE Veterans, PLLC


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