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Parental Resilience

Managing stress and functioning well when faced with challenges, adversity, and trauma.

Core Meaning

Resilience Related to General Life Stressors

  • Managing the stressors of daily life
  • Calling forth the inner strength to proactively meet personal challenges, manage adversities and heal the effects of one’s own traumas
  • Having self-confidence
  • Believing that one can make and achieve goals
  • Having faith; feeling hopeful
  • Solving general life problems
  • Having a positive attitude about life in general
    managing anger, anxiety, sadness, feelings of loneliness and other negative feelings
    seeking help for self when needed

Resilience Related to Parenting Stressors

  • Calling forth the inner strength to proactively meet challenges related to one’s child
  • Not allowing stressors to keep one from providing nurturing attention to one’s child
  • Solving parenting problems
  • Having a positive attitude about one’s parenting role and responsibilities
  • Seeking help for one’s child when needed

Source: Center for the Study of Social Policy

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