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Circles of Caring Video
Circles of Caring

An 11-minute video that focuses on how we can help children thrive through the lens of healthy child development, everyday actions that make a difference, how toxic stress effects brain architecture, and how we can create protective Circles of Caring around children & families by building Strengthening Families Protective Factors (as supported by research conducted by the Center for the Study of Social Policy).

Say YES to Safe Sleep Video
Say YES to Safe Sleep

A 1-minute video that educates about the ABCs of Safe Sleep. Baby sleeps Alone. On his or her Back. In a Crib.   And always in a smoke-free room.

Say YES to Safe Sleep Video (5 min)
Safe Sleep is Simple

A 5-minute video featuring a Pediatrician who provides information on how to keep your infant safe while he or she sleeps. Emphasizing the ABCs of Safe Sleep.

Keep Your Cool Video
Keep Your Cool

A 1-minute video that focuses on how to cope with a crying baby. Have a Plan and Keep your Cool.

Community Discussion Video
West Virginia’s Most Critical Question: How Do We Keep Our Children Free From Abuse and Neglect?

A 9-minute video that focuses on child abuse & neglect prevention by exploring approaches a community might undertake to ensure safe, strong, nurturing relationships and environments for all.

With an accompanying Community Discussion Guide and Moderator Guide, these tools are meant to spark a larger effort that engages people who care about children, recognize the link between child and community well-being, and identify actions that are likely to make a positive difference in our families and in our communities.

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